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TAC-STIM™, non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulator (nVNS) is a Low-Risk General Wellness Product. The product is not regulated by the US FDA and is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition or disease.

TAC-STIM (nVNS) delivers proprietary electrical signals via two small electrodes placed on the skin at the cervical level. The electrical energy stimulates the vagus nerve, which modulates neurotransmitters in the brain.

Get to know TAC-STIM

Get to know TAC-STIM

Charging TAC-STIM

Charging your Tac-Stim is as easy as charging your phone.

  • Connect the provided USB cable to the bottom of Tac-Stim and the other end to a power block.
  • Plug into a standard outlet.

NOTE: Only use a Class B, 5V, 1A charger to charge Tac-Stim

Cleaning TAC-STIM

Clean TAC-STIM after each use by gently wiping the case and the stimulation surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.

Using TAC-STIM: Sample Dosing Schedule

Additional sessions
available for use as needed.

1. Locate your vagus nerve.

  1. Use 2 fingers to locate your pulse in the cervical region; the vagus nerve is in the same area.
  2. Make sure the application site is clean and dry.
  3. Remove anything blocking the application site.
Locate your vagus nerve

2. Prepare your TAC-STIM.

  1. Apply 1 – 2 pumps of the provided conductive spray to your neck
    where you found your vagus nerve.
  2. Turn TAC-STIM on by pressing the power button. When TAC-STIM
    is ready for use, it will beep once.

NOTE: Be sure to use enough spray – not applying enough spray may cause the session to be uncomfortable or less effective.

3. Administer the sessions.

  1. Place TAC-STIM over the vagus nerve at the cervical region.
  2. Increase the intensity level until you notice a slight muscle contraction at the corner of your mouth.
  3. 2 consecutive two-minute sessions will start.
  4. After the first session, the stimulation will automatically stop for approximately 5 seconds before the second session will begin.

NOTE: You will likely feel muscle contractions at the application site and may experience a lip pull. These are normal and should stop after the session is complete. If muscle contractions are too strong or uncomfortable, try:

  • Decreasing the intensity level by pressing the ( – ) button.
  • Repositioning the electrodes on the neck over the pulse and slowly increasing the intensity level again by pressing the top area of the control button.

If the intensity level is still too strong, stop the session and turn TAC-STIM off by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.

NOTE: Additional conductive spray may be needed between sessions.

For more assistance, visit or call 888-901-7846.

Warnings and Precautions



Do not use TAC-STIM if:

  • You have an active implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker, hearing aid implant, or any implanted electronic product.
  • You are in an explosive atmosphere or in the presence of flammable gas mixtures.
  • You have an open wound at the application site.


  • TAC-STIM should only be used as described in the User Guide.
  • Do not use TAC-STIM if there are signs of damage or defects.
  • Do not use if an error code is displayed on the screen when the product is turned on.
  • Do not submerge TAC-STIM in water; it is not water resistant.

NOTE: There is no data on the use of TAC-STIM if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


TAC-STIM does not turn on

  • TAC-STIM is not charged. Charge TAC-STIM unit.
  • Turn off TAC-STIM by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. Press and hold the power button for 1 second to restart.

TAC-STIM does not charge

  • Ensure the supplied USB cord is plugged into a power block and that the power block is plugged into a live power outlet.

    Handling TAC-STIM

    Operating Conditions (TAC-STIM Product)

    • Range: -35.6°F to 145°F (-37°C to 63°C).
    • Maximum Output: 30V (peak), 60mA (peak).
    • IP22 Rated

    Storage/Transport Conditions

    • Range: -35.6°F to 145°F (-37°C to 63°C).

    Symbols and Nomenclature Description

    TAC-STIM Disposal

    Regulations require that the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment is handled in a controlled manner. A product that may be contaminated after use or contain chemicals or elements that may present hazards to people, or the environment must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable government regulations. Contact the TAC-STIM Customer Experience Team if you have questions about the appropriate disposal of this product.

    NOTE: TAC-STIM contains lithium batteries that the user cannot remove. Please dispose of TAC-STIM like a cell phone or other electronic product. Check with your local municipality to do this according to your local electronic waste regulations.

    Electrical Classification

    Electrical Classification (TAC-STIM Product)

    • UL 60335-1 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances
    • IP20 Protected against ingress of solid foreign objects ≥ 12.5 mm diameter.

    Electromagnetic Compatibility Guidance

    All engineering specifications have passed the required test levels. All specifications are available upon request.

    Contact Information

    Customer Experience Team:

    electroCore, Inc.
    200 Forge Way, Suite 205
    Rockaway, NJ 07866
    United States
    Telephone: 888-901-7846


    electroCore, Inc.
    200 Forge Way, Suite 205
    Rockaway, NJ 07866
    United States
    Telephone: 888-901-7846

    Product Complaint Reports and/or related issues may be submitted directly to electroCore, Inc.:

    Telephone: +1 (973) 355-6708

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