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Biotechnology Enhanced
Performance with




Accelerate training and knowledge acquisition

• Accelerate skill attainment
• Superior retention
• Lower washout rates
• Increase training throughput
• Address workforce shortages


Sustain, optimize, and enhance task performance

• Elevate vigilance, accuracy and threat detection
• Eliminate/Minimize performance degradation
• Decrease fatigue
• Mitigate operational stress


Restore abilities to baseline

• Improve resilience
• Reduce downtime
• Maintain operational readiness
• Optimize warfighter brain health

The technology

TAC-STIM is a portable device that is being designed specifically for use by the Military. It stimulates the vagus nerve, only needs a few minutes to administer, and has long-lasting benefits.


Vagus Nerve Stimulation (nVNS)

The vagus nerve projects to the brain, where it modulates multiple neural connections and the balance of key neurotransmitters involved in learning and memory, motivational and emotional states, and pain and inflammation. TAC-STIM (nVNS) activates the vagus nerve with mild pulses of electrical energy delivered to the neck.


Warfighters undergo intensive, fast-paced training that causes fatigue. Sleep deprivation and fatigue lead to slower reaction times, reduced ability to multitask, and increased lapses of attention.⁴

Prolonged military operations in harsh and adverse conditions can compromise the perceptual, cognitive, and emotional resources necessary to sustain performance on mission-related tasks across operational units.²

Cognitive neuroenhancement tools and techniques, such as TAC-STIM, that can accelerate training, sustain attention, reduce fatigue, and improve mood are being explored by various Military units and is considered a critical need to promote readiness and performance across the force.⁵

TAC-STIM can offer benefits in many areas related to mission performance enhancement and optimization. nVNS has been shown to facilitate learning and memory,⁶⁻⁹ enhance multiple elements of cognition, such as arousal, attention, multi-tasking, decision-making, and memory,⁴ ⁶ ¹⁰ ¹¹ improve the ability to learn a new language,¹² ¹³ boost mood after prolonged periods of activity,¹⁴ and improve fatigue and sleepiness.¹⁵

TAC-STIM was developed in close collaboration with the 711th Human Performance Wing at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. AFRL also conducted independent testing of the device, demonstrating its military applications.

electroCore™, the manufacturer of TAC-STIM, is a part of multiple collaborative research and grant efforts to demonstrate ways that nVNS can improve performance, combat fatigue without negative side effects, and accelerate training.

in the Field

TAC-STIM has the potential to mitigate multiple challenges. There is substantial need to accelerate training and improve performance across the force.

  •  The demand for ISR analysts to support ongoing operations has grown exponentially over the past decade in the face of analyst attrition due to operational burnout.18
  • The Air Force is attempting to accelerate pilot production while helping airmen retain more information to overcome the serious pilot shortage.19
  • Foreign language skills and cultural expertise are critical capabilities needed by today’s military to face the challenges of our present security environment.20

Completed research demonstrates that TAC-STIM offers utility in military training environments. Additional research and training efforts are underway to further examine the benefits of TAC-STIM in other deployment environments, such as active mission support and post-mission recovery.


• Foreign Language Initial Acquisition Program
• School Houses
• Special Ops training
• Other specific training environments

Mission Support

• Preparation
• Increase vigilance
• Decrease fatigue
• Improve performance

Post mission

• After action debrief
• Facilitate decompression
• Learning consolidation
• Physical and mental restoration